Looking after our people & the planet through sustainable mohair products.


Our purpose is to serve as a force for good, benefitting both our communities and the planet. Through the production of timeless natural mohair and merino wool products, we not only create employment opportunities for rural African communities but also prioritise environmental care by utilising sustainable materials. In doing so, it allows us to contribute a portion of our revenue towards charitable causes, further amplifying our positive impact.

We are a

A family Business

Steven Hobson comes from an Angora goat farming heritage. His family have been raising Angora goats in South Africa since 1857.

The family farm in South Africa is still run by the Hobson family, who self-manage our farming and shearing processes. Our throws, scarves and socks are produced in a factory which is managed by Steven’s dad, Denys, who has been refining the art of weaving for more than 35 years.

Steven and his wife Hayley are proud to continue the Hobson family legacy from Wanaka, New Zealand, with their offering of high quality, eco-conscious mohair products.

Why Mohair

Luxuriously Soft

The Glamorous Goat uses kid mohair from the first shearing of a young goat for the softest socks and throws you’ve ever experienced. Kid mohair produces the finest fibres of mohair yarn for the production of our luxurious socks and throws.


Angora goats are famous because of their long, curly, fleeced coat, which has incredibly hard-wearing ringlets throughout. Known as the most durable animal fibre and nicknamed the “diamond fibre”, it can easily be stretched or twisted without damaging the fibre. Furthermore, this property means that mohair resists shrinking, wrinkling, stretching and fabric sagging during wearing.

Natural Lustre

The natural sheen from Angora mohair is created from the light reflected by the larger outer scales from the fibre. These outer fibres mean that dyed mohair holds colours brilliantly and resists fading over time.

Ethical Mohair

The Glamorous Goat uses kid mohair, the fibre of the Angora goat. The ultimate in comfort, mohair is breathable, durable, stain and odour resistant. Nature knows best - do yourself and the planet a favour by choosing our ethically sourced mohair.

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Shearing: Our Farming Process

Historically, mohair is prized as a highly desirable, luxurious fabric. We love our Angora goats, and we follow strict Sustainable Mohair Industry farming and production guidelines to make sure they are never harmed during our shearing process. Our goats live a happy life on the family farm in South Africa.

A Renewable & Sustainable Fibre

The mohair fibre grows naturally on our Angora goats, so it’s a renewable resource. We blend our mohair with other sustainably sourced materials, which are woven into our mohair socks. We choose bamboo and merino wool fibres to complement the properties of mohair. These fibres also come from renewable resources and perfectly complement the functionality and performance of our socks.

Our Supply Chain

We are proud to have traceability in our supply chain. From farm to factory to you, we know where our mohair comes from and how it is processed. Once our goats are shorn, the yarn fibre is woven into the throws and scarves under the watchful eye of Denys, founder of our factory in South Africa (and Steven’s dad).

Eco-friendly Packaging

We choose reusable hemp carrier bags for packaging our throws, so you can use them again and again. To deliver your product, we use courier bags made from plastic that has been removed from the ocean. Every order helps rid the ocean of plastic waste!

Our Products & Our Planet

Save on your electricity bill and power consumption with the insulating properties of mohair. Reach for mohair instead of the electric heater during the colder seasons: our socks and throws will keep you warm and cosy without an outrageous power bill. Invest in mohair and help to play your part in preserving our planet for future generations.

Supporting Local Communities

The production of mohair is a labour-intensive process. Farming and shearing our goats and processing their fibres into fabric to make our socks and throws creates many jobs for local communities in isolated farming areas. When you purchase our products, you are supporting these small rural communities.